Would you like a chance to win $100.00 to your favorite local yarn shop? Or if you happen to own a yarn shop of your own, would you like to win a $100.00 credit note to Estelle?

Who wouldn’t!?!?!

And do you want to know what the best part is? It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Step one-  head on over to your local yarn shop and pick up a ball or two (or three!) of Estelle ‘Sudz’, a 100% cotton yarn that works up beautifully into those dishcloths that all of us knitters and crocheters just LOVE to clean up all of our dirty dishes with. (Er… as much as one can ‘love’ doing dishes). If you are unsure of which stores might happen to carry ‘Sudz’, click here to check out a list of stockists. Be sure to call first though! Just in case they may have run out.

Q539-PROGR-croppedStep two- Go home and cast on a dishcloth of your own design. If you find that you’re on a roll… keep rolling! There is no limit to how many designs you may enter. The more designs you submit, the higher your odds of winning are!

Step three- Snap a few pictures and then send them our way! Submit your photos to us at marsha@estelledesigns.ca.


Helen knit not one… but FOUR dishcloths for a chance to win $100.00 worth of yarn! Go Helen, GO!

Please include a note detailing the colour number(s) of ‘Sudz’ used and the quantity of yarn used to knit/crochet each dishcloth. All photos will be posted on our Facebook page and or/website. The winner will provide Estelle Yarns with a copy of the pattern and will agree to allow us to post the pattern on our Facebook page and/or web site.

This contest will run through until October 31st, 2014, which means that the clock is ticking!

Good luck to one and all!