Believe it or not… we are just shy of the two month mark until Christmas. And while that may feel like a long time away at this point in the game, deep down you know that it will be here in the blink of an eye.

Which brings me to… chunky yarn.

All knitters and crocheters are guilty of starting a project for someone when only a handful of chocolates remain on their advent calender. But, depending on the project, this can actually be a very feasible task.

Especially when 20mm knitting needles are involved.

Allow me to introduce to you our “Cuddle-icious Tasselled Wrap”, designed by Helen Firing, exclusively for Estelle Yarns.


Chunky knitted and crocheted accessories are certainly on trend these days in the ready-to-wear world. So if you have that certain someone on your gift-list who doesn’t fully appreciate the hours that can go into a project, but keeps their finger on the pulse of the fashion world, this could very well be your ticket to giving them the perfect gift.

The yarn? Only two skeins of a beautifully soft and chunky (obviously!) yarn called Naturalia by Borgo de’ Pazzi. For a list of stockists in Canada, click here. Be sure to call before you head over to pick up your yarn though- just in case they have sold out!

The needles? Yah, you heard me. 20 mm knitting needles. Pretty much… broom sticks.

The hardest part of this project? Getting your nimble little hands used to working with such giant needles.

The best part of this project? The pattern is FREE on our website. Click here to get your hands on a copy.

Our suggestion? Find this yarn at your local yarn shop, get your hands on some giant needles and keep everything close to your knitting chair. There is no need to cast on juuuust yet, but you will thank us when December 23rd rolls around and you still need a gift for your trendy sister/co-worker/aunt/mom/grandmother-in-law. Gift-giving season WILL be here before we know it, and you can’t say that we didn’t warn you…

In summary? A quick knit for you to whip up for the fashionista in your life that they will appreciate just as much (if not more!) than a shawl knit on tiny needles that took forty-two hundred times as long.

Happy knitting!