Many of us find ourselves wrapped up in knitting that involves articles of clothing and accessories to keep both us, and our loved ones warm and toasty at this time of year. We worry about whether or not it will fit, if the colour of yarn will match the coat of the recipient, if they will find the yarn too itchy, too soft, too bright, too dull… But every so often we need to just step back, take a deep breath, and have a good chuckle. Afterall… laughter IS the best medicine (aside from knitting and crocheting, obviously).

If you follow our Facebook page, you are likely quite familiar with our little hedgehog that has been making his way across the country from yarn shop to shop. (And if you don’t follow us on Facebook… why not? Simply click here to make your way on over to our page.

We have been getting lots of inquiries about this fuzzy little guy, and thought that we would provide you with all the info you could possibly need, right here, on this little blog.


The yarn? Is King Cole’s Tinsel, which is available in a wide range of hedgehog appropriate shades. For their sweet little faces, the pattern calls for King Cole Dolly Mix DK, but we figure that any oddments of DK yarn will do.
The pattern? King Cole Leaflet 9015. The title of this pattern will not win any points for creativity, but what it lacks in it’s not-so-witty title, it certainly makes up for in cuteness.
The needles? The pattern calls for a selection of needles. To be more specific… 3.00 mm, 3.25 mm and 5.00 mm. However… if you happen to have some needles that are a size or two off, I wouldn’t fret. Remember that you’re making a stuffed animal… and that it’s not meant to stress you out.
The best part? This just WHIPS up in no time. Before you know it, you will find yourself with an entire family of hedgehogs sitting right next to your knitting chair.  Oh, bliss!


So… What are you waiting for? Get your needles poised and ready to cast on a hedgehog. And not just a hedgehog for the little kiddo in your life that clearly can’t live another day without one of these creatures in their life… but one for you as well!

Then brace yourself for all of the custom hedgehog orders that will start flying your way.