A Little Bit Of Ravelry Inspiration

While cruising through Ravelry recently, I was overcome with some serious “inspiration overload”. I found myself searching through various projects made with yarns that we stock here at Estelle, and I simply had to share my findings with you.

I thought that this time around, it would be best to admire some smaller projects/accessories with you, as this is the time of year in which knitters and crocheters seem to be wanting to work on such things. We all seem to have a “To Knit” list that is miles long at this time of year with the gift giving season looming, don’t we?

So, without further ado, I present to you some absolutely gorgeous projects, courtesy of some pretty kind folks on Ravelry, all whom gave us their permission to us to share their work with you. (Aren’t knitters just the nicest people???)

Delftish Socks by hillshounds on Ravelry.

So, how beautiful are these??? And while they might be a ‘small’ project as far as their sheer size is concerned, this does not necessarily mean that they were any small “feet”! (Pun intended). Colourwork in socks??? Impressive, to say the least.

delftish Socks

Pattern- Delft Blue by Stephanie Van Der Linden
Yarn- Estelle’s Arequipa in shade 212 and Lang Jawoll Color Superwash in shade 8207

Alpaca Shoulders Warmer by Stephanie Voyer on Ravelry

Not only is this project versatile, cozy, and perfect for those cold, cold nights that will soon be upon us, it is one that can be easily customized to suit your needs. Want it a bit longer? Then keep knitting! Running out of yarn? Cast off early!

What’s more, the knitter herself is also the designer! Doesn’t that just knock your socks right off???


Pattern- Alpaca Shoulders Warmer by Stephanie Voyer
Yarn- Estelle Eco Super Alpaca
Needles- 6.0 mm

Irswan’s Easy Baby Booties

While the pattern name might blatantly suggest that these baby booties are easy, we feel as though they deserve a far more grand title. Something like “Irswan’s So Adorable You Could Just Fall Right Over Baby Booties” perhaps?

We suspect that you will agree with this sentiment, if not the updated title.

These seem like the most wonderful little gift to make for the latest addition in your life. You know that ball of yarn that you picked up at your local yarn store because you just fell in love with it’s rich textures and shades? But you’re saving that special ball of yarn until, er, well… something special?

Well, if a baby isn’t special enough for you, I don’t know what is.

baby booties


Cast on already! What are you waiting for???

Pattern- Easy Baby Booties by Michelle of Ooo Baby
Yarn- Murrina by Estelle in shade 510415

Cece72’s Rippled Sunset Shawl

Now come on… is this beautiful- or what??? Sock yarn is always fun to knit things other than socks with, and this shawl is a shining example of that. The long colour changes of our “Sock It To Me” sock yarn makes knitting projects like this one just SO fun. And what’s more? It is yet another project that would be super easy to make smaller or larger, depending on your needs/wants.

And isn’t that just one of the many reasons we all knit/crochet? So that we can make garments/accessories work for us just EXACTLY the way that we like them.


Pattern- Rippled Baktus by Renee Van Hoy
Yarn- Estelle “Sock It To Me” in shade 52608

Knitnatbell’s Modified Seafoam Scarf

Since I opened this post by talking about knitting for others, why not close with a pretty great gift idea?

Quick and colourful, not to mention, fun to knit. This pattern shows off the texture and shading of any thick and thin yarn you might have in your stash just so beautifully. I am thinking ‘great gift for your kid’s teacher who has to stand outside on yard duty in the middle of January’.

She will thank you.

Trust me.

drop stitch scarf

Pattern- Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel
Yarn- Estelle Drake, only one ball did this scarf (although the knitter did make it slighter more narrow than the pattern specified on order to achieve the length).

So thank you to all of you who allowed us to show off your handywork! So beautiful, and so inspiring.

So many new things to cast on!

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