We have been running a contest since the beginning of September that involves our popular “Sudz” dishcloth cotton.

A challenge was put out to all of the knitters and crocheters of Canada to come up with their own, original dishcloth design, using Estelle Sudz.

The prize? $100.00 to your favourite yarn store, OR (if you are already a yarn store!) a $100.00 credit on your next Estelle order. (To read more about it, click here to view our Facebook page, which highlights all of the details).

So, without further ado, we present to you… OUR WINNER!

Tina Barrie of Soper Creek Yarn came up with this fabulous poncho style dishcloth that covers all of our bases. It is both fun AND functional. By turning your dishcloth into a teensy poncho, you can hide your ugly dishsoap bottle all whilst drying your dishcloth at the same time. No more hanging it over your tap to dry! How unsightly that suddenly seems…

We absolutely loved the whimsy of this project, which is why Tina came out on top.

And what’s more? We are pleased to provide you with the pattern right here!

Sudz Dish Soap Bottle PonchoSUDZ dishcloth

One size fits most! (Detergent bottles)

Materials:  1 50 gram ball Sudz Crafting Cotton

1 set 4 dpn needles 4.5mm

3 stitch markers, 2 of one colour and one to mark beginning of round.

Darning needle

Gauge approx.: 18 stitches to 10 cm


 KFB: knit front and back of next stitch

PM: place marker


Using 4.5 needles cast on 18 stitches, divide evenly over 3 needles.  Join in round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker for beginning of round.

Work Knit 1 Purl 1 ribbing for 8 Rounds.

Next Round:  *Knit 2, KFB* repeat from * to* to end of round (24 stitches)

Next Round:  Knit 6, PM, Knit 12, PM, knit 6 (use a different colour than beginning of round marker)

Round 1:* Knit to one stitch before marker, KFB, slip marker, KFB* Repeat from * to * once more, knit to end of round. (Do not KFB at beginning of round marker)

Round 2: Knit all stitches

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 14 times more.  (84 stitches)

*Next round:  repeat round 1

Next round: Purl next round*

Repeat from * to * twice more

Cast of loosely.

Darn in ends.

A HUGE thank you to Tina for her entry!

And not only Tina, but everyone who entered! We had an absolute blast going through all of the entries.

And for those of you who missed out on this opportunity to win $100.00 worth of yarn, worry not! Another contest is brewing, and we look forward to sharing the details with you all!

Happy Knitting!