Book Review- 60 Quick Luxury Knits

As we begin to feel more and more pressure to come up with thoughtful and unique gift ideas as the “Season of Giving” fast approaches, we thought it might be a good idea to do a bit of a book review to help you knitters out a little.

Whether or not you decide to pick up this book for yourself so that you can churn through a few gifts, or pick up a copy for a knitting friend… it’s up to you. Whichever way you slice it, the clock continues to tick.

This book felt like an obvious choice for us. The tile says it all. There are sixty projects total. So, surely, there has to be a little something for everyone on your list! Not only that, it has both the words “quick” and “luxury” in it.

At this point in the year… ‘quick’ is key.

As for the luxury part… It is safe to say that we all deserve a little luxury when the temperatures start to drop much like they have in recent days. Nothing like a luxe cowl or fingerless gloves to make you feel just a liiiiiittle bit more warm and special on those brutal cold days.

So far? This book is a winner in our eyes.

And we haven’t even cracked open the cover yet…

Shall we?

60 Quick Knits

This book was written by the good people over at Cascade Yarns, to showcase their beautiful merino/silk blend yarns Venezia Worsted, Venezia Sport and Venezia Sport Multis. The merino content of this yarn provides fabulous structure and warmth to any garment/accesory. Meanwhile, the silk content offers sheen, drape and that splash of luxury that we mentioned (and got pretty excited about) earlier. Not only that, but the colour selection in each of these yarns is fabulous. There is a shade to match every winter coat ever produced, so there is no need to worry about finding a colour that will suit.

As for the accessories themselves? We weren’t kidding. Cascade Yarns has got you covered – sixty times over! Fingerless gloves, scarves, leg warmers, shawls, capelets, mittens, hats, headbands, and even a belt (or two!) With so many different patterns, you can afford not to like every single one of them. Having said that however, we are quite certain that you are bound to like at least most – if not all!

60 Quick Luxury Knits is styled beautifully, making each piece look elegant and sophisticated, without being ‘over-styled’. The photography makes it possible to envision each piece in your own wardrobe/life, which is often times difficult to do when the model is wearing a woolen poncho over a bikini on a hot, sunny beach all whilst sporting big, leather cowboy boots on her bottom half. (Or is that just us?)

Graphic Multicolor Mitts by Cheryl Murray

Graphic Multicolor Mitts by Cheryl Murray

Accessories are also a great way to try something out of our comfort zone, and a wide range of techniques are covered in this book. If you are an adventurous beginner, why not start out with the Ribbed Shawl Collar Cowl? Then maybe work your way up to the Lacey Leaves Snood? Lace, cables, knitting in the round, i-cords, colourwork, bobbles, shaping, plus so much more is featured. Taking small bites is never a bad idea when trying something new, so why not start with something from this book before tackling that big project that has had you weak in the knees?

As a final added bonus, the back cover of the book is a great reference for all knitting abbreviations, in addition to a needle conversion chart, a ruler and a quick lesson in gauge. No more having to dig through the book or earmark the page to find all of this information out! It’s all right there, in the back cover. With so many knitting books on the market these days, it’s the little things that can really put one, a cut above the rest.

So, there you have it- cover to cover. Should you feel that this book might just be the book for you (or any knitter that you might know!) pick up the phone, and call your local yarn shop to see if they have it in stock.

For a list of possible stockists, click here.

Happy knitting everyone!

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