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Cascade Tangier Poncho- Free Pattern Friday!

We bring you today’s free pattern for a variety of reasons. Mainly, because gift giving season is pretty much in full swing. And this pattern? It makes the perfect gift.

Now, before you freak out at the thought of knitting an entire garment for someone on your gift list, breathe deep, and hear us out on this one.

So, why do we think it would make a great gift? For starters, this project is surprisingly quick to whip up, being that it’s on 6mm needles and all.

Secondly? It only takes two skeins of Cascade Tangier, so it manages to keep within everyone’s budget.

Tangier poncho 1

Asymmetrical Poncho knit out of Cascade “Tangier”

On top of these two already great reasons to want to give this as a gift, here’s one more. It can be styled in a million different ways! Off the shoulder, long side to the front, left, back, right… the options are endless! Heck, wear it inside out if that’s what moves you!

Tangier poncho 2

Designed by Helen Firing

And then, (this is your BONUS reason), there’s the fact that it will look good on all body types, and with so many different kinds of outfits.

Tell the lucky recipient that they can throw it on like the model is showing, layering it over jeans and a t-shirt. Alternatively, if they have an excuse to dress up in their staple ‘little black dress’, then they can do that too!

Tangier poncho 3

Pattern available for free at

It’s cold right now, and it’s going to stay that way for a while. So tell them to roll this poncho up into their purse (remember- knitting doesn’t tend to wrinkle!) so that they don’t catch a chill at their next dinner party, trip to the grocery store, day at the office, or night at the ballet.

Such a versatile piece! Which gives you all the more reason to cast one on for someone you love, or even better yet- YOU!

Besides, who says you can’t knit yourselves a little gift for under the tree?

You (of ALL the people on your list) most definitely deserve it.


  1. where can I find this pattern for Asymmetrical Tangier Poncho all links lead to nowwhere?

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