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Christmas Is Coming- Free Pattern Friday

It’s true. It’s happening. And fast! While we still have twenty-three days left until the first day of winter, time flies. And once we do hit that Winter solstice, it’s a mere four days more… and Christmas is here!

So whether or not you are someone who likes to deck the halls the second you toss your jack-o-lantern onto the compost heap, or if you prefer to wait until Christmas Eve to set up your tree, we figured that now was a good time to send some holiday themed patterns your way.

We will start off with something that could take any decent knitter a few weeks to churn through (so don’t feel bad!), then work our way down to a project that could happen in just a few hours. And the best part? These patterns are all free online! Courtesy of the lovely people over at Cascade Yarns.

First off- some stockings! And while most of us likely won’t get through many (if any!) of these at this point in the game for Christmas 2014, they are still something to keep in mind for next year. Stockings are heirlooms in every family, and such a magical part of everyone’s Christmas morning tradition. So whether you know of a new little person in need of a stunning stocking that will be stuffed with goodies for years to come, or whether the one that you have been hanging up for Santa for decades is in need of a replacement, Cascade has got you covered. Easy to customize, with a variety of motifs and patterns to choose from, you will want to make one for you and all of your loved ones.

Are you a little nervous at the thought of carrying yarns across the back? Don’t be! What better way to learn than on a giant sock, that doesn’t even need to fit anyone in particular!?!?! Practice makes better, so don’t be shy!

Colourwork is VERY addictive… you have been warned.

The pattern can be found by clicking here. 

cascade stockings

Cascade 220 Christmas Stockings, designed by Marji LaFreniere for Cascade Yarns

Now that you have decorated your mantle, why not move on over to your coffee table? And whip up a little snowman that can help you brush up on your cabling skills. Using only two skeins of cream Cascade 220 Sport, you can then burn through some stash yarn for the scarf and hat. Go ahead and make a snowman/snowlady for everyone in your family! Personalize them and have fun with it! Sure to put a smile on your face, and everyone who sits down for a cup of coffee.

The cabled snowman pattern can be found by clicking here.

cascade snow man

“Frost Flower”, designed by Susie Bonell for Cascade Yarns

Now that we have covered both the mantle, and the coffee table with hand knits, let’s not forget the dinner table- or the crocheters in the crowd! Candlelight at Christmas is a must, and this crocheted candle ring would be so pretty in the middle of your Christmas dinner table. Using only one skein of Cascade 220, feel free to add as many (or as few!) little sparkly trinkets, pinecones and gems to your creation as you please.

Do your best to use 100% wool, as it is much less likely to melt/burst into flames than its synthetic counterparts. Otherwise, be sure to use nothing other than a battery operated candle!

This crocheted wreath pattern can be found by clicking here.


“Ruffled Wreath/Candle Ring”, designed by Susie Bonell for Cascade Yarns

As promised, here is one last little something that could be whipped up in a jiffy. Cast on Christmas Eve, and have it ready as a gift topper on your mother-in-law’s present by Christmas morning. Why not make one up each year and stitch the date on it as a keepsake? Using Cascade Ultra Pima, which has a gorgeous sheen, one skein in each of the Christmas colours will give you a bountiful collection of Christmas balls.

The pattern for this Christmas ball can be found by clicking here. 


“Round Pointsettia Christmas Ornament”, designed by Susie Bonell for Cascade Yarns

So there you have it, yarn loving friends. Christmas decor for you, yourself, and everyone you know.

Hopefully your holly juices are finally starting to flow!

Happy knitting.

And stay warm!


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