We are starting to get down to the wire with our gift knitting, and we thought that you might appreciate it if this edition of “Free Pattern Friday” was for something that is quick, makes a great gift, and gives you several options.

So… here you have it!

A warm and cozy hat and gauntlet set, using our popular chunky yarn, Morgana.

For gift giving- this most certainly fits the bill. Teacher gift, brother’s new girlfriend gift, girl who walks your dog while you’re at work gift… this works well for all of the above. Wouldn’t you agree?

As for the options that this pattern has to offer… there are tonnes! Not only does Morgana come in a gogeous range of shades (giving you lots of colour choices), the pattern itself offers not one accessory, but two!

If time permits, knit both! If not… pick just one! Our only suggestion is that if you decide to knit the gauntlets… make sure that you knit both of them, even if time IS running thin.

To get your paws on the pattern, simply click here. 

So enjoy your knitting, friends!

And good luck with those last minute gifts! ♥