It’s that time of year again, when one day it’s freezing cold, and then the next turns out to be muggy and damp. You just don’t know… not even the weather man knows! So we think that your best bet is if you layer, layer, layer- something that knitters absolutely LOVE to do! The more layers, the better. That way you know that you won’t get stuck being either too hot, or too cold, wherever it is that you may be.

Which brings us to- vests. An essential part of any layering system!

Not only do they keep your core warm, they leave your arms free to drive, throw snowballs, hug… basically, to do whatever it is that you need to do. No one likes walking around like a robot because their poor arms are covered in 17 layers of fabric!

Keep your trunk warm, and everything else will stay toasty.

Vest Bets- 30 Designs To Knit For Now is a new book that features thirty designs using Cascade 220 Superwash Aran. That means that the gauge is managable, and the yarn is washable (not to mention, soft!). What a winning combination! With styles for every body shape and everybody’s style, you really can’t go wrong.

Vest Bets

For those of you just getting your feet wet in the garment knitting world, why not try this stripey “Swingtime Vest” by Barb Brown? While the pattern tells you when to switch up the colours, feel free to make it your own! No need to stick with the pattern suggestions. Remember- it’s only a suggestion! So if you would rather make yourself a solid coloured vest, go for it! We won’t stop you!


For anyone who has ever thought that vests aren’t dressy enough to go out in the evening (which is often when we feel the chill most!), then have a look at this gorgeous vest called “Dance Smartly”, designed by Nicki Epstein. Perfect over a little black dress, equally perfect over a pair of jeans, this vest is flattering, not to mention fun to make. Look at those beautiful big cables that run down the bands!

Red Vest

And speaking of cables, if that’s your thing, then be sure to check out this gorgeous honeycomb cabled vest called Shuvee, by Suzy Allen. Cables are addicitive… and I am quite certain that this vest would fly of the needles far faster than one might suspect. Cables are always impressive, even if you do know how easy they actually are! So why not impress your knitting group with this beautiful piece?

Cabled Vest

For those that love to play with colour, there are plenty of options for you in that department as well. Fair Isle is a really fun technique, once you get over the idea of carrying more than one yarn along at a time. The combinations of colours are endless, and a vest is a great way to do just that! Check out this pattern called “Desert Orchid” by Deborah Newton using three different colours. So beautiful!


While this book is certainly not for the absolute beginner, it does have a decent reference guide at the back, should a technique or abbreviation have you stumped. And let’s be honest… it happens to everyone from time to time!

So be sure to call your local yarn shop and see if they have this book in stock. If not, ask them to grab a copy for you next time they are able t do so.

Even though you are likely picking up gifts for everyone on your list these days, it never hurts to pick up a little something for yourself from time to time.

Happy knitting everyone!

Keep that core warm!