At this point in the game, we are cutting it pretty close when it comes to getting presents knit, wrapped and under the tree. However, I know that many of us are looking forward to some time off from work/school over the next few days and weeks, and hopefully you are feeling the need to knit.

Which brings us to… today’s free pattern!

We thought that a “family of toques” would be a good pattern to share with you today. Hats are such a great project for any knitter, and oh-so satisfying to knit! As quickly as you can churn through a hat, a loved one will snap it out from under you so that they can head outdoors and enjoy some quality tobogganing, snowman making and shovelling time- all with a slighter warmer head!

I mean… come on! What knitter wouldn’t rather be inside knitting hats for everyone they love, while the aforementioned loved ones clear off the driveway? Use up bits and pieces of yarn from around the house, or head out to pick up some yarn for everyone on your list at your local yarn shop.


Mille Colori Big Cap by Lang

Whatever you decide to do, just be sure not to put too much pressure on yourself. These hats will be finished when they’re finished. There is more than enough stress on all of us this time of year, so don’t make your knitting yet another one of those stresses! Try not to make these toques as ‘Christmas gifts’, but rather, something that you want to do for a select few loved ones, as they happen.

And if you don’t get through all of them all before the snow melts? No big deal. There will always be next winter.

We promise.

To access the pattern, courtesy of Lang Yarns, click here.

It’s time to kick it into hibernation mode dear knitters/crocheters.

This is what we live for.