Happy Boxing Day dearest knitters and crocheters! At this point in the game, we suspect that you are absolutely EXHAUSTED. The dinner has been made, the gifts have been opened, the guests and have come… and maybe even have yet to go! But all the same, today is the day that you get to kick back, take a deep breath, and (hopefully!) relax a little.

Which is why we felt it was important to offer you a free pattern that takes minimalĀ brain power. All you need to know if how to cast on, knit, purl, and cast off. Gauge isn’t important, uneven tension will go unnoticed, and it is a quick moving project. Which is probably something that you are craving right about now. Instant gratification doesn’t always happen when it comes to knitting! And the build up to the holidays is long, involving a lot of hard work. So let’s make this Free Pattern Friday all about speed and ease. Shall we?

So throw on a movie, wind up two skeins of Estelle Hudson, pick up those 15mm needles and cast on.

Before you know it, you will have this cowl cast off and thrown around your neck before you can even say “leftovers”.

Enjoy the Christmas afterglow everyone!

We hope it was wonderful.