This Fall we launched a new product to the Estelle family of yarns called “Eco Andean DK”. It is a 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, and has a whopping 350 metres on a 100 gram skein. It is available in a gorgeous range of natural wool colours- perfect for any sheep lover out there.

We thought that on this particular Friday, we would offer you something that isn’t necessarily a “quick knit”, unlike all of the other patterns around here of late. Hopefully you are finding yourself with a little bit more time, now that the holiday rush is behind you. Perhaps you are even taking this as an opportunity to knit a little something for yourself! What a concept, eh?

Eco Andean DK IMG_2214

                                                  Eco Andean DK Brocade Wrap by Helen Firing

What a perfect way to kick off the new year. Knitting something for an entirely deserving recipient. Someone who understands the time, effort, love and care that goes into each and every stitch. That’s right- YOU!

This pattern is called “Eco Andean DK Brocade Wrap”, and was desiged by the ever talented Helen Firing for Estelle Yarns. Click here to download your copy of this pattern.

Eco Andean DK IMG_2210

                                                    Eco Andean DK Brocade Wrap by Helen Firing

Happy New Year everyone!

Here is to many successful knitting and crocheting projects in 2015.