We felt that the time had come to include a free pattern that included the men in our lives. Besides… Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and what better way to show your love, than with some knitted goods? (For the male knitters out there, refer to all of our past Friday posts for some ideas to knit for the lady-love in your life).

So here we have a lovely and cozy hat and scarf set, knit out of Estelle Woodrow.

Plan to knit the set, and if you don’t get through both pieces, you can make it appear as though you had only meant to give him just the hat, or just the scarf all along! Maybe throw in a bag of Hershey¬†Kisses for good measure?

A2013 Men's Woodrow Hat and Scarf Set Inset Image

The scarf is knit on a reasonable 6.5mm needle, and for the hat a 6mm needle. This, of course, means that both pieces will knit up in good time.

And as for the yarn, it’s wonderful. 70% merino wool, blended with 30% nylon makes for a soft, warm, cozy set.

Should your man be more interested in solid shades, why not try out Estelle’s Super Alpaca or Eco Super Alpaca? 100 grams of pure SOFT on each skein. A pleasure to both knit, and wear!

Or, if the love of your life is ‘wool-averse’, then how about some Cascade Tangier? Available in a wonderful range of colours, and made out of a blend of silk, acrylic, viscose and cotton, this yarn is sure to keep him warm, and itch-free!

A2013 Men's Woodrow Hat and Scarf Set Main Image

Just remember, when substituting yarns, quantities may change. Be sure to consult with your local yarn shop about how many skeins you will need while shopping for your yarn. They are always happy to help!

To find the pattern to this set, click here.

May the love of your life love this gift, as much as you love knitting it!