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Colour Blocked Version of Our KAL Sweater

For those of you who missed our exciting KAL announcement in our post on Friday, January 23rd, you should be sure that you check it out! Because if you don’t… the rest of this post might not make sense.

For all of you who already know the drill, we thought we would post another version of the sweater that we knit, in the hopes of giving you some more ideas/inspiration for how you might like to approach your version of the sweater.

In this sweater, we used colour blocking to create a playful sweater, perfect for any age or gender. Colour blocking is a great way to incorporate a few of your favourite (or the recipient’s favourite!) colours into a garment. The best part (aside from the adorable finished product), is that there are not nearly as many ends to sew in as there would be, were you knitting stripes! (More on that next week).

KAL Authentic Sweater

King Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK

The yarn that we used for this version of the sweater is King Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK. This is a new yarn from King Cole, available only as of January! Which is to say- it is a very fresh yarn! It is a versatile blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic that makes it very washable, but also breathable. Perfect for when kids want to run around outside all afternoon and work up a sweat!

You will, of course, need one ball of each colour in order to knit this version of the sweater, and since this yarn has such great yardage (242 meters per ball!), you will end up with some pretty hefty leftovers. Which isn’t always a bad thing! You will easily have enough left over to knit a matching hat, or maybe even another sweater in a smaller size! Striped baby sweater anyone??? Should you want to knit another colour blocked sweater, you will obviously have to switch out the red as the main colour, and use it as the collar/cuffs, which takes the least amount of yarn.

To view the full King Cole Authentic Cotton Mix DK range, click here. To find your nearest local yarn shop that might stock this yarn, click here. Be sure to call first though! It never hurts to check in with them before you trek out into the cold weather. Especially with a yarn as new as this one.

Tune in next Monday for our final version of this sweater!

Happy knitting- and KAL planning!

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