Book Review- “60 Quick Knit Baby Essentials”

We just can’t get enough of Cascade’s “60 Quick Knits Books” series, which turns out to be a good thing! Because just as quickly as we knit our way through one of these books, Cascade publishes another! Each book from this series differs enough from the last to make it worth your while, but always is packed full of the essentials. Without a doubt, there is always something for everyone.

Which brings us to, “60 Quick Knit Baby Essentials- Sweaters, Toys, Blankets & More in Cherub from Cascade Yarns”.

Cherub Book0001

The title of this book certainly says it all. Everything that you could possibly ever dream of knitting for the latest addition in your life, all designed by an array of uber talented designers.

Cascade Cherub Blanket

Twisted Diamonds Afghan by Margaret Wilson

To add to the ‘greatness’ of this book, there is a wide range of yarn gauges that are included in this book. So versatile! Cascade’s Cherub is available in a sport weight, DK weight, Aran weight and even chunky weight!¬†(However there are no chunky weight patterns in the book). Cherub is available in a nice range of colours, and is easily washable, making it¬†perfect yarn for any baby/children’s knitting.

Should you not care to knit with synthetic fibres, Cascade Yarns has a great line up of cotton and wool options that would easily plug into these patterns as substitutes.

Cascade Cherub Sweater

Eyelet Stripe Jacket by Bonnie Franz

As for the patterns, they do not disappoint! There is certainly something for everyone. Blankets, sweaters, dresses, sleep sacks, leg warmers, booties, even a toy mouse! Plus more…

Cascade Cherub Mouse in Car

Mouse-mobile by Megan Kreiner

This book is not yet available for purchase, but we thought that you all deserved a little sneak peek. Trust us when we say that it will be worth the wait!

Cascade Cherub Leg Warmers

Textured Leg Warmers by Barb Brown

Be sure to contact your local yarn shop, so that they can get in touch with you when the book is in stock.

Cascade Cherub Sleepsac

Cable and Slip Stitch Bunting by Katharine Hunt

We wouldn’t want you to miss out on it!

Happy knitting everyone!

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