Lang Yarns is a Swiss based yarn company, best known in Canada for their fabulous range of sock yarns, that many of you readers likely know, and love. But sock yarn is not all that they do well! Their fashion yarns are of the highest quality, and their patterns and styling are a cut above.

Yarn companies need to get creative when it comes to their Spring line-up, as there are some knitters out there who get easily distracted in the warmer months with the likes of golf, gardening, and other such things. (Hard to imagine such a thing as a ‘seasonal knitter’, but they do exist!)

In the colder months, yarn sells itself. Knitters- and sometimes even non-knitters!- want to knit. Spring can be a different story however, and this causes all of the yarn manufacturers to get creative, and Lang is no exception!



Pictured in this post are the three latest books that Lang is offering this Spring. Each book includes styles that are knitted with their new Spring yarns such as Filo and Asia, while other patterns revisit some of their more classic yarns.



Click on the caption below each book to download a PDF copy of all of the styles included in each issue. If you see some patterns you think you might like to knit, be sure to give your local yarn shop a call and ask them to order in a copy of the book(s) that you are interested in. We think that you will find that each book is exceptional ‘bang for your buck’. There are just so many patterns in each book! And all at such a reasonable price.

To view our full Lang line up of yarns, click here. More qualities and shades are being added daily, so be sure to check in regularly!



Enjoy virtually flipping through each book. And be sure to let us know which project you will be casting on as soon as you sew in those ends in on that final bulky winter sweater for the season.

Spring is coming!

But that doesn’t mean you need to put your needles away…

Happy knitting everyone!!!