The wonderful thing about Cascade 220, is that you can never have too much of it. It’s colour range is absolutely massive. And when you add to that fabulous colour range, an incredibly reasonable price point, Cascade 220 makes for a truly amazing ‘stash yarn’.

You know those projects that you often find yourself inspired to cast on at certain times of the day, that your local yarn shop just can’t accommodate? (Don’t hold it against them… yarn shop owners need their personal time too don’t you know!)

Well, that’s sort of what happened with this project. We wanted to make something quick and festive, and we wanted to make it NOW. (Which happened to be very late last night).

Frou Leaf Clovers

The pattern we used was free, available through Ravelry, and called “‘Free Clover Embellishment” by Tania Lamm. 

Fortunately for us, we just so happen to have a rather extensive collection of Cascade 220 in a bin in our basement, so selecting a few shades of St. Patrick’s Day green was really no big deal. Throw in an hour (not even!) of our time, and we magically had something to help us get all geared up for this coming Tuesday.

Our late-night-festive-crochet-craving was aptly satisfied.

So while some people might call it ‘lucky’ that we just so happened to have the perfect shades of green, we just call it our ‘yarn stash’.

And if you don’t have a stash that you can dive into to get started on this sweet little project, we suggest starting off your new stash with a few shades of green Cascade 220.

We promise you that being able to satisfying those midnight knitting and crocheting cravings will be worth far more to you than any pot of gold ever will be.