Spring is officially here, and we thought that there would be no better way to celebrate, than to get excited about some of the new knitting patterns that have been rolling in at Estelle! While the temperatures are rising (albeit slowly…), the knitting certainly doesn’t have to stop.

We recently received our order of the latest King Cole leaflets, so we thought that we would share a selection of them with you, so that you can get started on planning your next knit.

First off- Women’s patterns. These four patterns are all knit in DK weight yarn, which makes it not only lightweight, but presents you with countless yarn options! Cottons, cotton blends, acrylics, wools, pretty much any fibre that you can think of… we can rhyme off a list of yarns that you could use! DK weight typically knits at 22 stitches over 4″, and is great gauge for all seasons. Should you not finish knitting your cotton DK sweater by the end of the warmer months- do not fret! You will easily be able to incorporate into your Fall wardrobe by layering it up with warmer pieces.

If you do happen to get through your sweater before the temperature begins to drop once again, your sweater will be perfect on those cooler Summer evenings, or if your workplace happens to be just a little too aggressive with the AC.

And now for baby! It has been a long winter, and every knitter is bound to know of a baby being born somewhere out there! So why not knit the latest addition to your life a sweet little sweater to welcome them into the world? King Cole has a fabulous collection of baby patterns, and these four only just scratch the surface! Babies wear sweaters all year round, and it is nice to have a collection of patterns right at your fingertips, should someone spring the good news of a new arrival upon you. So stock up!

To view the full range of King Cole leaflets, be sure to check out the King Cole page on our site by clicking here, as well as here. Feel free to drop us a line if you need yarn suggestions for any pattern in particular.

For a list of yarn shops that stock King Cole yarns and leaflets, click here. Be sure to call ahead for availability.

Happy Spring (Knitting!) everyone!