Week 4: Knitting the Sleeves

We have a front of a sweater, and we have a back of a sweater– we now need a couple of sleeves!

Knit on!

As a reminder, here is the list of abbreviations used in our pattern.


Here is a list of abbreviations used in our pattern.

K = knit                                      P = Purl                                      st(s) = stitch(es)
alt = alternate                            approx = approximately             beg = begin(ning)
cont = continue                          dec = decrease                           inc = increase
foll = following                           rem = remain(ing)                      rep = repeat
sl = slip                                       st-st = stocking stitch                  tog = together
patt = pattern                            tbl = through back loop               in(s) = inches
psso = passed slipped stitch over

Keep in mind that when you are knitting the sleeves, you will want to knit your stripes/colour blocking in such a way that works well with the body of your sweater. While we are not suggesting that the sleeves have to match the body of your sweater exactly, we just want you to make sure that you give it some thought before you dive in. (But then again, you already have…. haven’t you?)

While we know that this sounds like an obvious statement… it is not unusual to just FLY through your first sleeve, completely forgetting to change colours/ work your pattern along the way! The sleeves knit up quickly, so don’t forget to stripe! (That is… if you are knitting striped sweater!)

SLEEVES (remember, you need to knit 2)

With 3 ¼ mm needles, cast on 37 (41: 41: 45: 45) sts.
K 16 rows.

Change to 4mm needles and beg with a K row work in st-st inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 6th row (a stitch counter might come in handy here) to 53 (55: 53: 57: 69) sts, then every foll 8th row to 55 (59: 61: 67: 73) sts.

Work straight in st-st until Sleeve measures 9 ½ (10 ¼: 11 ¼: 12 ½: 13 ¾) ins from beg, ending with a P row.


Cast off 4 (4: 4: 4: 5) sts at beg of next 2 rows. 47 (51: 53: 59: 63) sts.

Next row (Right side):      K1, K2tog, K to last 3 sts, sl 1, k1, psso, K1.

Next row: Knit

Rep the last 2 rows until 11 (13: 13: 15: 17) sts rem, ending with a wrong side row.

Sl sts onto a thread or stitch holder.

2015-01-21 11.41.39

The Sleeve

Your finished sleeve is quite narrow at the top, and quite wide at the underarm- which we admit, looks a little weird! But trust us here. That is exactly how it should look.

Repeat process for second sleeve.

In order to download a PDF version of this week’s pattern, click here. Week Four- Sleeves

Be sure to let us know how you are doing! Feel free to post pictures in our Ravelry group, on Facebook, or simply send us an email, or comment below! We love hearing from you- so don’t be shy!

Happy knitting everyone!