Well folks, we are nearing the end of our KAL! Only two more installments of the pattern to go! And then… that’s a wrap!

The good news is that if you haven’t joined in yet- there is still plenty of time! We have given an extra FOUR weeks of knitting time at the end of all of this for those of you to catch up, who might find yourselves running a little ‘late to the party’.

Simply go back through our posts to access each of the patterns, submit some photos of your work before May 4th, and VOILA! You’re in.

The prizes to be had are good. Like… REALLY good! So we would hate for you to miss out!

Prizes include a kit to knit a beautiful chunky throw by Borgo de Pazzi, a bag of King Cole Fashion Aran along with a copy of King Cole Aran Knits I, and a bag of Cascade 220 Superwash with an accompanying copy of 60 Quick Baby Knits.

And all you have to do to win a prize, is knit this sweet little sweater and submit some photos! Easy! Right?

We thought that we would share with you a few photos of various WIP’s, to inspire you to keep up with the knitting! Or maybe even to cast on!

Pictured below is the back of Susan’s sweater, knit using Rico Classic Baby DK, a lovely and soft acrylic/nylon blend. We love the colour combo that she has chosen!

Susan's Sweater 1

A customer from The Purple Sock in Coldwater, Ontario has already finished with their sleeves! It’s amazing how knitting with a self-striping yarn like King Cole Flash can make your knitting appear to just fall off the needles! It’s just so addictive!

We also love how well this knitter managed to match up his/her stripes! Very impressive.

Sleeves Flash

            King Cole Flash, shade 150

And speaking of Flash, here is another shade of Flash all knit up. So cheerful! Not to mention… what a nice way to spend an afternoon! Knitting with some colourful yarn, and drinking tea from an equally charming teacup!

Back Front

         King Cole Flash, shade 152

Thank you to all of you for sending us your progress pictures!

And to those of you who are looking to catch up, we would love it if you would!

Click here for instructions on knitting the back.

Click here for instructions on knitting the front.

Click for instructions on knitting the sleeves.

Stay tuned next Monday for instructions on how to knit the collar. And be sure to keep us posted on your progress! We always love hearing from you.

Enjoy your (hopefully) knitting-filled weekend!