We are starting to see some finished sweater photos roll in, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our most recent update was sent to us from a knitter named Heather,  who used King Cole’s Baby Glitz in shade 105, which she picked up at Knit Traders in Kingston, Ontario.

KAL sweater

A work in progress

Heather not only sent us photo evidence of her completed sweater, she also sent us some reflections on knitting it, which we absolutely loved reading!

Heather told us that while she considers herself an intermediate knitter- she discovered that swatching is necessary! (It’s a tough thing to admit… but we are proud of her for doing just that!)

She also made a point of mentioning how much she felt she needed to refer to the pattern, and review the pattern throughout. She found that when she didn’t- she had to rip back her knitting. A frustrating thing to have to do- for sure! She noted that she would have saved herself loads of time, had she always just checked in with her pattern each time she sat down to knit. So while it may feel tedious to re-read the same portion of the pattern over and over (and over!), it can save you a lot of time in the long run. We promise!

And finally, she mentioned how happy she was with the finished results, once she had given her sweater a good soak. And we couldn’t agree more! This sweater looks absolutely fabulous !

Wouldn’t you agree?

Kal sweater Heather

Ta-Daaaaaah! All finished! And it looks BEAUTIFUL!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Heather, for sharing her sweater- and her thoughts!- with us.

If you have a completed sweater that you would like to share (remember, you must send us photos in order to be eligible for prizes!), please drop us a line at marsha@estelleyarns.com or lynn@estelledesigns.ca.

Happy knitting everyone!