April is a funny time of year… we tell ourselves that Spring has sprung, and we are keen to get out in the garden and get rolling with our Springtime activities, however… it’s just not all that warm yet. Is it?

One look around the office today, and we are all bundled up in sweaters and wool socks still!

So for today’s Free Pattern Friday, we thought it might be best to share a pattern that will keep you warm- and occupied!-while you wait for Mother Nature to warm up a degree or two.

This pattern looks like a fun one to knit- big cables, saddle shoulders, a chunky gauge… And while this sweater may look intimidating to some, we urge you to try it out!

The thing about cables? They’re addictive!

The thing about a chunky gauge? It’s fast!

And even if you get distracted with other projects (knitting related- or not!), and you don’t have a chance to wear this sweater during this season, fear not! Fall will be here before we know it… Guaranteed.


        Eco Wool Saddle Shoulder Aran Sweater by Melissa Leapman

Using only 3,4 or 5 skeins of Cascade Eco Wool or Cascade Eco Wool + to knit this sweater, it is economical, warm, and classic.

And those three elements add up to equal one really great sweater.

Click the link below to access this pattern.


Enjoy your weekend everyone!