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More Finished KAL Sweaters

Today we are absolutely thrilled to show off three more versions of our KAL sweater, all made by some pretty talented people. Prepare yourself for some inspiration overload!

To kick off this installment of ‘Show & Tell’, we have a ‘His & Her’s’ set, knit out of King Cole Splash in shade 819. Talk about playing fair! One simply cannot knit for one grandchild, without knitting for the other! And this set is absolutely adorable.

We are quite certain that a photo of these two lucky siblings wearing their coordinating sweaters, is bound to land in next years Christmas card. How could it not?

A big thank you goes out to Barb from Coldwater, Ontario who knit this with yarn she purchased at The Purple Sock.
Barb Splash DK

Next up, we have another sweater knit out of Splashwhich was purchased at Yarn Forward, in Kanata, Ontario. Leslie, from Stittsville, Ontario was the knitter on this sweater, and she took her sweater a step further and added some embellishments! Not only did Leslie add a few little coordinating buttons at the neckline, she also added a tag that so lovingly reminds the recipient “Grandma Loves You”.

Leslie commented that it was a challenge to match up the stripes, and she ended up with some waste yarn. But we would argue that it was well worth the effort! She added that she will likely knit up a little hat with the leftovers- and some leg warmers if she is feeling ambitious! What a sweet outfit that will be!

Grandma most certainly DOES love you!

Leslie Haubrich- Yarn Forward, Kanata

Next up, we have this striped sweater that Susan knit out of Cascade 220 Superwash. Susan chose her own colours, knit her own stripes, and dealt with quite a lot of ends that had to be sewn in. The end result??? WELL worth it! We love how she chose to vary the widths of her stripes, and play with the colour placement.


And not only did the finished product end up looking fantastic, it was knit for one very worthy recipient! Just look at that face! So incredibly sweet!

Susan's Granddaughter

                                         ♥♥♥ Those rosey cheeks! ♥♥♥

Thank you once again to all that have submitted your photos. There are only a few days left until the deadline, so be sure to email us at or

Happy knitting (and finishing!) everyone!



  1. What a happy sight….all of them!

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