We are pretty excited about a new yarn that is due to hit Estelle Yarns in the coming months. While we should possibly wait a little closer to the actual launch date, we just couldn’t resist letting you in on our little secret! Or in this case- our BIG secret!

Why the emphasis on the BIG???

Because that’s exactly what this yarn is- ‘Big Time’!

Giant Wood Needles

We weren’t kidding. This yarn is CHUNKY. Shown here- 10 stitches on 25mm/ 60cm long knitting needles.

It’s chunky, it’s soft, it’s fast to knit, it’s the yarn that you have been looking for to finally make all of those Pinterest dreams, a reality!

Such as this cozy and soft blanket perhaps?

Or maybe you have been itching to knit a big pouf for your floor, so that you can kick back your weary feet at the end of each day. This yarn can do that too! You might just want to try your hand at your own version of the popular ‘Puff Daddy’ pouf by Anna & Heidi Pickles!

Or if knitted accessories for your body, rather than your home are more your speed, than a simple, chunky cowl could certainly make quite a statement!

And what’s more- this yarn comes in a fabulous range of shades. Something for every living room- or winter coat!

So be sure to check in with your local yarn shop to see if they have this yarn on their Fall order. If it turns out that they do, they should have it on their shelves, and ready to sell to you by mid-July! (Which will be here before we know it- promise!)

As for the GIANT needles used in the knitting of this yarn- we have those too! And the best part??? Both the yarn– AND the needles come in at a fabulous pricepoint. We can’t wait for you to see it in a store near you!

Just one more reason to look forward to mid-Summer.

Have a great weekend everyone!