Decent crochet books seem to be pretty hard to come by these days. Don’t they though?

But when this book rolled into Estelle… we got excited.

Baby Brights- 30 Colourful Crochet Accessories compiled by Kathleen McCafferty is charming, whimsical and perfect for novice crocheters… much like all of us here at Estelle Yarns! 

Baby Brights 300x475_edited-1

Babies are happening all the time, and when us ‘makers’ hear the good news of a babe being born, we feel the need to whip up something made-with-love as our official “Welcome to the world!”

Baby Brights 2

   Horse Lovey by Briana Olsen

And while you may find yourself identifying strongly as either a knitter or a crocheter, one thing (among many) that crochet has got going for it?

It’s fast.

Like… WAY faster than knitting. So if you have found yourself turning your nose up at crochet, you might just want to reconsider. Especially if you find yourself with a baby shower only a mere few days away, and you have a bag of un-knit/un-crocheted yarn sitting in front of you.

Baby Brights 1

Apple Tree Rattles by Annemarie Haakblog

What’s more? The patterns in this book are all fairly small scale. Think booties, mobiles, hats, toys… Keep flipping through the book however, and you will find that there are a handful of blanket patterns (four, to be exact). So should you churn through a hat for your best friend who is having a baby, and then decide that you want to keep going… you can make a sweet little blanket to match!

Baby Brights 3

Wavy Stripes Baby Blanket by Maaike van Koert

So if you find yourself with a list of babies ‘to make’ for (or even just one!), be sure to have a peek at this book the next time you are at your local yarn shop. The cheerful photographs alone are worth a gander!