And The Winners Are…

Today is the day! At loooong last!

First thing this morning, we wrote the names of everyone who entered their finished sweaters out on some paper, threw them into a mug, and Jennifer (Estelle-Employee-Extraordinaire) drew three names.

Jennifer Draw

Jennifer’s hand modelling debut

So without further ado, the winners are…

2015-05-11 08.10.32

Susan. S, Sarah and Leslie– CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL!

Susan. S knit her sweater using Cascade 220 Superwash, and you will all likely remember her adorable granddaughter modeling it. We hope that Susan enjoyed working with the 220 Superwash, as she has won a bag of it! Along with a copy of 60 Quick Baby Knits. Looks like her sweet granddaughter might just be scoring a few new sweaters in the near future! What a lucky little thing!

Susan's Granddaughter

Our next winner is Sarah, who knit up a really fun version of the sweater using Cascade Ultra Pima Paints in shade 9716. Sarah will be sent a bag of King Cole Fashion Aran, along with a copy of Aran Knits 1. We look forward to seeing what she decides to knit with her winnings!

Ultra Pima Multi KAL Sarah

And last, but certainly not least, Leslie knit her sweater up in King Cole Splash, while adding a few lovely embellishments to it as the icing on the cake- personalized tag included! Leslie will be sent a kit to make a nice chunky, soft throw out of Borgo de Pazzi Naturalia. Congratulations Leslie!

Leslie Haubrich- Yarn Forward, Kanata

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for participating in this KAL. We cannot thank you enough! While we hope that you are all going to walk away having learned something new, we can tell you that we have also!

If you have any suggestions for future KALs, please do let us know. We would love to do this again, and are open to all ideas.

And lastly, if there are any of you who are still working on getting your sweater completed, keep at it! And be sure to send us a photo of the completed project. We would love to see it!

Thank you once again to all of you- and congratulations to our winners!

Happy knitting everyone!


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