We thought that it might be fun to give you another sneak-peek at a new yarn that has just rolled into Estelle this week!

This new yarn is called Drake Duet, which may sound somewhat familiar to a few of you… We have had a yarn in our range for some time now called Drake, which has been a hugely popular yarn amongst knitters and crocheters! So, we thought that the time had come that we would introduce it’s slightly more tame cousin, Drake Duet.

Unlike the multicoloured, variegated Drake, Drake Duet is much more subtle in colour, but no less striking!

Composed of 70% merino and 30% acrylic, this yarn is so cozy for any kind of knitted accessory. And speaking of knitted accessories… the good news is that we already have some patterns available for this yarn! While it may not be this exact yarn, any pattern calling for Estelle Drake, will also work up wonderfully in Estelle’s Drake Duet. Click here to view the free patterns on our website. Scroll down four rows to see the five patterns we have written up for Drake.

So keep this yarn bookmarked in the back of your mind! And remember to ask for it the next time you find yourself in your local yarn shop. 

It may be some time before you see it on the shelves of your LYS, but it’s coming!

We promise.

Happy knitting everyone!