This time of year, sock knitting is the perfect project to cart around with you to your kid’s soccer game, the family picnic, or your neighbour’s backyard BBQ. Socks are portable, don’t cause you to overheat by pooling into a big puddle on your lap, and often are quite straightforward once your pattern has been established, making them perfect for socializing.

Which brings us to this book titled ‘The Joy of Sox’. (Who ever said that knitter’s can’t be cheeky?)

With over thirty sock designs for all skill levels and all matters of taste, this is a book that is sure to inspire and delight knitters of all walks! (Pun intended.)

Even if you already consider yourself to be a fairly seasoned sock knitter, there is still something to be gained from exploring this book. The beginning is filled with techniques to improve upon your already fantastic sock knitting skills, and the patterns that follow are not just your average stocking stitch sock patterns.

With patterns loaded with cables, colourwork, lace, stripes and socks of all styles and sizes- pedicure socks, knee socks, ankle socks, etc… there is no shortage of inspiration within the pages of this book.

A few of our favourites?

Quite honestly, the cover pair is pretty high up there on our ‘Must Knit’ list. While leg warmers may not strike a chord with those that have lived to tell the tale of 80’s aerobics gear, any of us with chilly homes, or who simply live in chilly climates will see the value in owning a pair of these. Knit with openings for your heels and toes to poke through, you can easily throw these leg warmers over your gym/yoga tights and socks to keep you toasty as you run from your car, into the heated building. Or perhaps you just have a house with poor insulation, and you see how these could make your evening of being cozy while watching TV just that must more… well, cozy! And what’s more? While we knitters are always up for a challenge, it is also nice to always have a project nearby that we can just pick up and put down without much thought. Some might call it an ‘autopilot project’. And these certainly seem to fit the bill!

Takeout for Two_edited-1

Takeout for Two by Cathy Caron, pg 36

Another pattern that has managed to capture our attention is the pattern found on page 112 called ‘Chick Flick’. This pattern is beautifully delicate, with a scalloped edge and a lily stitch pattern down the leg and foot. Not for the faint of heart, this pattern might not be the greatest for knitting while at that neighbour’s BBQ previously mentioned, but it will certainly be worth the effort in the end. We would argue that this pair is almost too pretty to be stuffed into shoes! So make sure you wear them when you might have an opportunity to show them off. Perhaps that same neighbour will have you over for a Tree Trimming party next Winter? Be sure you have the ends sewn in by then.

Chick Flick

Chick Flick by Melanie Gibbons, pg 112

Another pair of socks that have stolen our hearts are found on page 153, titled ‘Sole Mates’. With a fairly simple pattern down the front of the leg and across the top of the foot, but with a sneaky (yet stunning!) cable running down the back of the leg. These socks appear to be fairly easy to knit without much referencing the pattern once you have finished the first repeat or two, making them perfect for bringing to your kid’s next soccer game!

Sole Mates Front

Sole Mates by Alyson Johnson, pg 153

Sole Mates Back

So dear sock knitters, be sure to have a peek at this book next time you find yourself in your local yarn shop, or even your local library. There is always something for each knitter to take away from a book like this- could be one thing, could be sixteen! Either way, it’s certainly worth your while. So don’t be shy. Track a copy down!

Happy ‘Sox’ Knitting everyone!