Just as the introduction of this book mentions, every knitter out there has at one point in their knitting lifetime, walked into a yarn shop, fallen in love with a skein (or two!) and then without any concrete plans, bought the yarn that made them stop dead in their tracks.

This precious yarn gets purchased, goes home with them and then it might sit on their coffee table for a while so as to be admired. It eventually works it’s way into that bin (all knitters have ‘a bin’!) that is designated for all skeins of yarn destined ‘To Be Knit Someday’.

Every so often the knitter re-visits that bin, and thinks to them self “I really need to knit with some of this… but what should I knit?”, which is exactly when this book enters the scene.

One + One- Scarves, Shawls and Shrugs-  25+ Projects From Just two Skeins by Iris Schreier is a book that will answer all of your ‘what should I do with these beautiful skeins in my stash?’ questions!


There are patterns appropriate for two skeins of the same yarn, two skeins of the same yarn but in different colours, or even two skeins of completely different yarns! Whatever two skeins you have been eyeing in your stash (or in your local yarn store!), this book will likely have a project or two (or three!) that will tickle your fancy.

This pattern is titled “Elegant Cashmere Triangle”, designed by Andrea Jurgrau. As the name suggests, cashmere was the fibre used to knit this gorgeous piece, however do not fret if you don’t happen to have some cashmere in your stash! Any lacey weight yarn would do. But while we’re on the topic of cashmere… wouldn’t cashmere be STUNNING?

Little beads have been worked throughout this shawl, giving it some weight, and drape.

Green SHawl

Elegant Cashmere Triangle by Andrea Jurgrau

If you are looking to work through some of your stash with some gift knitting, “Team Scarf” by Iris Schreier is a PERFECT project for doing just that! Appropriate for both males and females who are lucky to have made it onto your ‘To Knit For’ list, this scarf will see much use come the cooler months. Do it in contrasting colours… or keep it all the same! The choice is yours.

Two Tone Scarf

Team Scarf by Irish Schreier

And lastly, this beautiful shrug designed by Iris Scheier called “Bridal Shrug”, certainly isn’t limited to your wedding day! Throw it over a sundress when you’re chilly, and take that outfit from day to evening. This shrug is knit using one skein of sequined mohair, and one skein of plan mohair striped together. The end result is sheer elegence.

Wedding Shrug

Bridal Shrug by Irish Schreier

So there you have it dear knitters! Some ideas to help you eventually work your way through your stash. Be sure to call up your local yarn shop to see if they have this book in stock.

Happy knitting everyone!