For this installment of ‘Free Pattern Friday’, we thought we would look through Ravelry for some Canadian themed inspiration. So we are going to showcase not one… but THREE patterns that have struck us as incredibly appropriate (and fun!) for this week.

First up, we have something simple, and straightforward. Little maple leaves! Knit one, or knit many! Use them to embellish, or knit them ‘just because’. Whatever you decide to do with them, we are sure that you will find them incredibly satisfying to churn through! Use up odds and ends of whatever yarn you have lying around, and find yourself with leaves in many shapes and sizes!


 Maple Leaf Knitting Pattern by Linda Dawkins                                                                                                                                  Photo courtesy of Linda Dawkins

As a nod to our Canadian heritage (and retail landscape!), we thought that this adorably sweet baby blanket by Purl Soho would also be an appropriate project for today’s post. The Hudson Bay blanket is a staple in so many Canadian family rooms, that we simply could not leave it out!

Using either Cascade 220 Superwash or Cascade Pacific, this would make the perfect baby gift for any brand new Canadian baby out there!

Hudson Bay blanket

                            Hudson Bay Blanket by Purl Soho                                                                        Photo courtesy of Purl Soho

And finally… the iconic Canadian bird, that everyone loves to hate!

Why not make yourself one that doesn’t hiss at you each time you try to pass it by?

Come on though… how cute is this trio pictured below?


    Betsy’s Goose by Sara Elizabeth Kelner                                                                                 Photo courtesy of Sara Elizabeth Kelner

Wishing you all a wonderful Canada Day weekend!