We realize what a challenge it can be to have to imagine Fall weather… especially when it is actually starting to feel like Summer outside! But we must admit… nothing gets us more excited than this time of year, when all of the new Fall yarns and patterns start rolling in our doors.

And do you know what that means?

It means that quite soon, all of these wonderful things will be rolling through the doors of your local yarn shop!

Something that has us itching to cast on this week, are the latest Lang pattern books! Lang’s patterns and styling are always so inspiring, and we are thrilled to be able to give you a sneak peek!

Lang’s Fam Fatto A Mano 224 has something for the everyone, and with sixty-one patterns, that should come as no surprise! Trendy, classic, cabled and stocking stitch- Lang has got all of their knitting bases covered!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself!


To view the entire collection of patterns that can be found in this book, be sure to click the link below.


To get your hands on a copy of this pattern book, click here to find a yarn shop near you. They should be getting in some fresh copies sometime in late July/early August.

Happy knitting (and pattern browsing) everyone!