While cruising through Pinterest lately, we have been finding ourselves feeling rather drawn to all of the colourful crochet that can be found on the popular ‘inspiration board’ site. Perhaps it’s because crochet is just so portable, and making little squares or motifs is pretty straightforward once you have worked your way through the first few. Or it could just be the colours that have us ‘hooked’. We’re not entirely sure. All we know for certain is that we keep going back to look at more and more (and more!) of all of the gorgeous projects that are scattered all across the internet.

And that’s where Pinterest is just so fantastic! Simply type ‘crochet’ into the search bar, and VOILA! An endless stream of beautifully coloured and photographed crochet- right at your fingertips!

Crochet is the perfect project to work on while sitting around the campfire/pool/patio with your loved ones, enjoying the beautiful Summer weather. Since it has been a long while since we have done a “Crochet Inspiration” blog post, we felt that it was high time!

We have compiled a few of our favorite crocheted images into a collage for you to perhaps inspire you to dig out your hook! Links to where all of the images can be found are listed below.

So what about you? Have you been crocheting through the Summer heat at all?

And how about ‘pinning’? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest if you do!

And if you don’t… what are you waiting for?