There is something so soothing about casting on a fresh new project to kick of the weekend, and knowing that there is actually a possibility that you might finish it before Monday rolls around. That is… if you can resist casting on a second project! Or if you can somehow get out of weeding the garden, cooking dinner, mowing the lawn or skimming the pool…

We kid!

Today’s free project is something that we feel confident you can churn out, on top of tackling your seemingly never-ending weekend to-do list. We’re serious! Not only is the yarn that is called for absolutely gorgeous to work with (you won’t want to put it down!!!), but the needles are a generous 5mm, and the garter stitching is soothing and simple.

This hat is knit sideways, using short rows to shape the top. Once you have knit your first wedge of this cap, you should be able to have a cup of tea and a chat with a good buddy as you carry on with this project.


                                                                     Paper Bag Cap by Lisa R. Myers

Using only one skein of Manos Maxima, and a set of 5mm needles, you’re off and running.

So enjoy this pattern! In fact… we can almost guarantee that you will! So much so in fact, that you might just end up knitting one of these for each person in your family.

Click here to get your hands on the Paper Bag Cap pattern.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

And the hat knitting.