The thing about local yarn shops, is that each one has its own unique flavor. Some might offer a vast range of products, happily taking on the challenge to stock “something for everyone!” Some might specialize in a very particular type of yarn, or style of knitting, spinning or weaving equipment. Some might excel in classes and teaching, and some might stock so much more than just yarn! They could possibly have teas, projects bags, notions that you never knew you needed, patterns by designers you have never come across before… the possibilies are endless!

And sometimes… JUST sometimes, the yarn shop might even sell some ready-made items.

Which is the case here! Our sales reps are currently on the road, showing local yarn shops from coast to coast the latest yarns for this coming Fall. They have had the chance to see first hand all of these wonderful shops that our country is so fortunate to have scattered throughout. They have been coming back with stories and ideas, and in the case of our rep who just spent two weeks touring the east coast- she even came back with some ‘baby tennis shoes’!

Because really now… aren’t they just irresistible?

2015-07-15 13.54.57

Handknit by the owner of ‘Joseph’s Coat’ which is located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, these little shoes were knit with love, and are available for purchase in her shop!

So while we can’t offer you a pattern for these sweet little shoes, nor can we link to the yarn used, perhaps they will inspire you to do some digging of your own! Possibly even in a local yarn shop that you have been meaning to visit for some time.

So whether or not you think you “need” more yarn, should you happen upon a yarn shop in your travels- do stop in! You never know what you might find/learn/discover from simply walking through it’s doors.

Because as us knitters know… yarn shops always have so much more to offer than just yarn.

Happy knitting- and yarn shopping-everyone!