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New Stock! Lang Sock Yarn

Last week we thought we would share a few photos of our overstuffed warehouse with you all. But upon some reflection, we felt that it was only fair to also show you a sampling of what was packed into a few of those boxes!

It’s no secret that we love sock knitting at Estelle Yarns, and one of our top selling sock yarns comes from Lang.  Lang’s sock yarn is hard wearing, made in Italy, and even has a little spool of reinforcement thread in the middle of each ball, should you be the type to wear out the heels and toes of your socks.

And not only do we love Lang sock yarn… we absolutely LOVE the colours and striping combinations that they come up with year after year.  Some wild, some subtle- there is always something for everyone! So we thought that we would share just a few with you fine knitterly folk.

If solid, thick, bold stripes are what you love, then check out these vivid colours that are new to Lang’s sock line up for this Fall. Who wouldn’t love a pair of these sassy striped socks peeking out from their pant legs at their next client meeting?

Nothing says “I am a trustworthy individual” than a pair of boldly striped socks.

If thinner, more subdued stripes are more your style, then Lang has also got some options for you!  With a slightly more neutral (or at least… tonal) palette, these colourways are classic. This range of stipes are sure to be loved by all, even the newbie multicoloured-hand-knit sock wearer.

And should you find yourself desperate to knit something for someone who tends to prefer boring old black socks (yawn), then perhaps the following colourways might be just what the doctor ordered. Even the most conservative of hand knit sock wearers won’t argue when a pair of these land on their feet.

Trust us. You’ll reach hero status in their minds once you have gifted them a pair of these ‘black socks’.

So there you have it knitters! A very small sampling of what has recently rolled into our warehouse.

Click here to find a store near you, and then run on over to get your hands on a ball or two (or three!) of this fantastic sock yarn by Lang, now in stock at Estelle.

Click here to view all of the available colours.

More of ‘what was in all those boxes’ to come!

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  1. Did you ever think of packaging one of EVERY colour and then give us a year to knit them all up…..!!!

    Do it….please!

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