We are pretty excited to announce that Estelle Designs now offers BUTTONS! And not just any buttons… but buttons that are unique, richly coloured, well made, and manufactured in Holland!

After snapping tonnes (and we mean TONNES!) of photos, we are pleased to pass along the news that each and every button that we have in stock, is now up on the Estelle Website.


So brew yourself a strong cup of tea, coffee, or whatever beverage may be calling your name, kick your feet up and enjoy browsing our large selection by clicking here.


If you are a yarn shop owner reading this, then give us a call! We can set up an online account for you if you don’t already have one, and make it super-simple for you to get these buttons in your store and on your shelves as soon as you would like/need them.


And if you are a yarn ‘shopper’, then be sure to give your LYS a call and see if they have any/plan on getting any of these fantastic buttons in stock. They are perfect not only for your latest knitted garment or accessory, but even if you are wanting to spiff up a coat that may have been languishing in your closet for longer than you care to admit. It’s funny how just the simple swap of some buttons could make you fall in love with a garment all over again…


So enjoy the button shopping knitters and crocheters! We look forward to seeing how you decide adorn all of your latest masterpieces!