Today we thought that we would share a pattern with you that admittedly, we have shared before. This may appear a touch cheeky, but we felt that it couldn’t hurt! Sometimes… a pattern is just THAT good!

The pattern in question? Why it’s the Franca Hourglass Cowl by Helen Firing.

Manos Franka

Ring a bell?

But actually, the real reason for sharing this pattern with you once again, is because Marsha recently knit it up but in a yarn other than what the pattern calls for. And the result was just so fantastic, we had to share! The pattern calls for one skein of Manos Franca, a yarn that we all have fallen hard for. But Marsha just so happened to have a skein of the new Cascade Nevado within arms reach, and before we all knew it- she had knit not one… but TWO cowls with it!

One of which ,  is the Franca Hourglass cowl.


So there you have it! The moral of this story is to never be afraid to substitute yarns! The end result could very well be spectacular.

For a review on gauge, and how to substitute yarns, check out our post from this past winter that talks all about just that. 

To have a peek at the full range of classic shades of Nevado, click here.

And to get your hands on the Franca (or in this case… Nevado) Hourglass Cowl pattern, click here.

Happy knitting everyone!