Autumn is just around the corner, which means that it is almost time to switch over your Summer accessories, in order to make room for some Fall ones! And while you’re busy making that transition… why not pick up one or two new items to add to your rotation?

May we be so bold as to suggest one or two items in particular?

Decodelire has introduced a new motif to their popular bag collection, which is perfect for all of your Fall knitting projects! This ‘Collection Indi’ comes in a range of deep golden honey¬†shades, and is covered in fun and charming images that are characteristic of the entire Decodelire line up.IN705

And who said that ‘Fall accessories’ have to be limited to your wardrobe alone? Knitting accessories count too! Besides, we would argue that one new Decodelire bag covers both the wardrobe AND knitting component of Autumn accessorizing. Two birds, one stone.

So get yourself on over to your local yarn shop and see which Decodelire bags they have in stock!


And stay tuned! Because we have more fantastic products from Decodelire coming down the pipes very, very soon.

To view these products on our website, click here and here.

Happy knitting everyone!