Isis by Jan Henley- Free Pattern Friday

The theme of today’s free pattern is ‘versatility’. One quick look, and you will see what we mean! This piece can not only be worn in a wide variety of ways, but it is knit in a beautiful self-striping yarn by King Cole called Riot Chunky. When an accessory is as colourful as this one is, it can be worn with pretty much anything that you might have in your closet!

This garment is knit as a rectangle, and can be worn as a wrap, a scarf, or buttoned up as a cowl or a snood. Click here to view the Ravelry page for this pattern, which includes further details on how you can wear this multi-use piece.

Photo courtesy of Let’s Knit!

This pattern was originally printed in the Christmas 2013 edition of a British knitting magazine called Let’s Knit! The good news is that it is now being offered for free through their website. The only catch? You must simply sign up for their newsletter to access the pattern.

So if you ask us- that’s a double win! A fantastic free pattern, with a newsletter to boot!

Multiway_wrap_458_904 (1)
Photo courtesy of Let’s Knit!

So enjoy today’s free pattern knitters! Have some fun playing with colour combinations, and if you do decide to knit this pattern up-  be sure to share your finished project with us!

Happy knitting everyone!

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