Knitting and Crocheting for Good Health

A good friend of ours sent us a link to an article that she said had been circulating amongst her Facebook friends this past weekend.

The theme of the article? ‘Health Benefits for Those Who Stick To Their Knitting’.

Naturally, this headline didn’t surprise any of us at Estelle Yarns one bit. All knitters and crocheters know how great our craft can make us feel (aside from the odd project that fails miserably on us…) However, being that the article was written for The Sacramento Bee’s website (and not an online knitting publication), we are sure that a few eyebrows were raised and hopefully, a few eyes were opened.

Knitting for health. Now that’s a concept we can get behind…

The article states that working with yarn can improve one’s mental health, cognitive function and hand health, keeping arthritis and tendinitis at bay.

Those of us who already knit or crochet know how knitting can impact our lives in a positive way, but stumbling upon articles like this one just confirm what we already know. And sometimes… that feels pretty darned good!

So for those of you out there who have family members and friends who love to give you a hard time when you pull out your latest project at a dinner party- be sure to send them this link! 

Before you know it… they just might be asking you to teach them how to knit.

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