There is something to be said for the classics, which is why we thought that today we would review a book that might very well already be on your knitting book shelf. And if it isn’t? It should be!

Originally published in 2010 by Sixth & Spring Books, “60 Quick Knits” is the book that launched an entire series of ’60 Quick Knits’, a collection that continues to grow with each season.

This book features the incredibly popular worsted weight wool, Cascade 220 which is available in yarn shops across the country.  The book contains patterns for twenty hats, twenty scarves and twenty pairs of mittens- all knitwear essentials!

So that gives you sixty patterns total (as the name suggests) using up small quantities of worsted weight yarn. Should you not have a single skein of yarn kicking around your house, you can easily head to your local yarn shop and no doubt find a vast array of yarn options to go with any of the patterns in this book. (Our suggestions? Cascade Pacific, Cascade Venezia, Cascade Cherub Aran and Cascade Longwood– just to name a few!)

Alternatively, should you happen to have a stash that rivals that of your local yarn shop’s current inventory level, you can easily ‘shop your stash’ to make any number of the projects in this book!

Two skeins of contrasting coloured yarn will give you a pair of the beautiful ‘Checkered Mittens’ which can be found on page 88, designed by Suvi Simola. Using a simple, but effective slipped stitch, these mittens are the perfect mitten for either walking the dog during the cooler days, dressing up your winter coat- or both!


Photo Courtesy of Sixth & Spring

The slipped stitch technique gives the knitter (and mitten wearer!) the sense of the traditional houndstooth pattern- a true classic!

And speaking of classic, the Textured Tam that has been designed by Jacqueline Van Dillen on page 92 requires only one skein of Cascade 220 (or 100 grams of worsted weight yarn). Knit with beautiful cables that crawl up the side of this hat, this tam is one that your grandmother could have easily worn in the 20’s, and one that you can wear today- equally on trend both now, and then. This style of hat is flattering on almost all face shapes and sizes. And the best part? It doesn’t flatten your ‘do.


Photo courtesy of Sixth & Spring

If lace is more what you look for in a knitting pattern, then there are also several lace projects available for you! One example is this ‘Leaf Scarf’, designed by Mary Beth Temple that can be found on page 94. This pattern calls for two skeins of Cascade 220, but the nice thing about a scarf is that if you want to make it bigger- or even smaller!- that’s easy enough to do. Just add or subtract the number of stitches that the stitch pattern is made up of (for example, if the lace leaf pattern is 10 stitches per repeat, add twenty stitches if you want to almost double the width). It’s as easy as that! Of course.. one must always adjust their yarn quantity accordingly.


Photo courtesy of Sixth & Spring

And lastly- colourwork! The ‘Spotted Fair Isle Mittens’ designed by Cheryl Murray are featured front and center on the cover of this book, and with very good reason! The sample in the book has been knit using a solid skein of Cascade 220 along with a skein of Cascade 220 Paints. This creates a really beautiful end effect, making it appear as though you have used so much more than just two skeins of yarn!  Just be sure however to pick two colours that truly are ‘contrasting’ in shades. Otherwise, all of your colour work efforts may be wasted, as the colours will blend into one another.


Photo courtesy of Sixth & Spring

So be sure to call up your local yarn shop to see if they have a copy of this book in stock. If not- they can get it from us! 60 Quick Knits is a book filled with projects for every kind of knitter, and every kind of person who needs warm weather accessories- a must have! You might even say… ‘it’s a classic’. (Note: Please click here to check the errata for this book. That is yet another reason to love the classics… wait long enough, and the kinks are all sorted out for you!)

Happy knitting everyone!