Lang Yarns is a company has been producing beautiful yarns since 1867, and we can say with conviction that everything they make, is of the highest quality.

And what makes Lang even more wonderful than it already is, is that the patterns they offer are as equally beautiful as the yarns that they have been knit out of!

The pattern books are well worth having a look through, as they are sure to inspire not only your knitting, but your overall fashion sense.

Lang is kind enough to offer a few of their patterns for free, and we are pleased that we can introduce one of these patterns to your knitting library today.

This big and cozy scarf is knit using two strands of Lang’s Nova yarn held together. Using three colours total, the strands are swapped in and out throughout the project to give an ombre effect.


As for Nova, it is an incredibly soft yarn with a chainette construction. It is composed of merino wool, camel hair and nylon.  The bit of nylon gives it some strength, the merino keeps it soft and squishy, and the camel hair gives it a soft halo that gently pokes through the chained construction of this yarn- and we mean that in the coziest way possible!


Nova also comes in a gorgeous range of colours, making the colour combinations endless! Knit on a 7mm needle, this big scarf will knit up quickly, and is sure to be a classic.


To get your hands on this pattern, be sure to check it out on the Estelle Yarns website by clicking here.

To find a yarn shop that stocks Lang Nova, click here to find the closest store to you.

Wishing you all safe and Happy Hallowe’en weekend!

And don’t forget that extra hour on Sunday! More time to knit perhaps?