We know that we have talked about Knitted Knockers here on the blog more than once, but we just so happen to have a never ending list of really good reasons for repeating ourselves! Knitted Knockers is an incredibly important cause that supports hundreds (even thousands!) of women across this country, and we would write about it every day if we could.

It recently occurred to us however, that the term ‘knitted knockers’ could be a touch misleading, as it may suggest to some yarn aficionados that knitting is the only way one may get involved. Well, rest assured fellow yarn lovers- this is most certainly not the case!

Crocheted Knockers are also a possibility, however the name just doesn’t seem to have the same catchy ring to it that ‘Knitted Knockers’ does- but we are working on that! So, lest you poor crocheters feel as though we have overlooked you, we thought that we would share with you our most recent version of the Crocheted Knockers pattern.

Knitted Knockers Crochet Pattern English-1

Using only one ball of Cascade North Shore or North Shore Prints, this crocheted breast prosthetic is incredibly hard wearing, yet soft. The acrylic fibre content of the North Shore yarn, in combination with the sturdy single crochet stitches in the pattern, makes this version strong enough even to wear in the water without losing it’s shape! With swimming season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to crochet a few knockers, so that no one has to miss out this Summer.

So pick up a ball of North Shore from your local yarn store, find your nearest drop off location, and get crocheting! Even if you don’t consider yourself a crocheter first and foremost, this is a great way to practice your skills, all while making something incredibly worthwhile.

To get your hands on the Crocheted Knocker pattern, simply click the link below to download the PDF version.

Knitted Knockers Crochet Pattern English

Should you be a local yarn store looking to get involved, click here to send off for a ‘Drop Off Box Kit’. 

To read more about what Knitted Knockers does for women all across Canada, please click here.

Happy crocheting everyone!