Anyone who is passionate about their hobbies will tell you that quality tools and equipment make a world of difference in both performance, and the end result. Whether it is knitting, crochet, golf or cooking that you fancy, good tools are always worth investing in- no matter the activity!

At Estelle Yarns, we are happy to introduce you to a premium line of knitting needles and crochet hooks by a company called ChiaoGoo. With a wide range of needles available in either circular, straight or double pointed and made using either bamboo or stainless steel, there is a knitting needle or crochet hook for any yarn lover who may appreciate fine tools. And let’s be honest… what knitter/crocheter doesn’t?

Bamboo needles are incredibly popular, as they are both eco friendly and lightweight. ChiaGooo bamboo needles are made using Moso bamboo, the strongest variety of bamboo there is. Resistant to splintering, and able to withstand being tossed around in your knitting bag, strong is the name of the game when it comes to bamboo. With a smooth finish, beautifully tapered tips, and the needle size permanently laser etched onto each needle and hook, these are a wonderful choice for anyone with arthritic hands, or who simply prefers the gentle glide and subtle grip of bamboo needles.

ChiaoGoo’s collection of surgical grade stainless steel needles are definitely worth checking out if you are someone who prefers a metal needle that glides, but that isn’t too slippery. With just enough grip to hold onto slippery silks, linens and cottons, but with enough glide to keep stitches moving along with minimal effort, these needles are any knitter’s dream come true. And an added bonus? Should you have a sensitivity to nickel, these needles will keep you free from any nickel related irritations.

The circular range of ChiaoGoo steel needles known as Knit RED and the pointier RED Lace Stainless Steel Circulars, have a bright red cord with a near seamless join from needle to cord. The cord has no memory, keeping knitters free from the headaches of a kinked up cord. So go ahead and cram that project into the bottom of your purse! These needles will pop right back into shape as soon as you pull them out again. Anyone who has knit with a variety of circular needles knows how important a flexible cord and smooth needle-cord join is, and these needles definitely deliver!

And what would a premium knitting needle range be without interchangeable needles? Once you have given a set of ChiaoGoo needles a test run, you just may want to consider investing in a set. Available in either stainless steel or bamboo, each set includes needle tips that range is size from 2.75mm right up to 10mm. Each set includes several kink-resistant cords in a range of lengths, connectors, end stoppers, tightening keys, a needle gauge and a compact fabric carrying case to keep all of your needles in check. We promise that once you treat yourself to a set of these, you will wonder how you have gone this long without!

And knitting needles aren’t all that ChiaoGoo does well. They also offer a large range of knitting and crochet related accessories. Colourful stitch markers, nostepinnes, needle gauges and yarn butlers all help to round out this quality range of knitting and crocheting supplies.  Dare we suggest that notions make great stocking stuffers?

ChiaoGoo products are now available in local yarn shops across the country. Please click here to find a shop near you! We are working on getting the needles up on our site, but in the meantime, you can explore the full range of ChiaoGoo products by clicking here.

Happy knitting and crocheting everyone!