What knitter doesn’t love a pattern that can be knit in countless different yarns and colour combinations, will work up quickly, and will look good on absolutely anyone who you deem to be ‘knit-worthy’?

From our latest collection of free Estelle patterns, Helen Firing delivers a pattern that covers every single one of these bases. Her 3-Colour Moss Stitch Scarf looks good on both men and women, and can be knit in an infinite variety of yarns and colours.

This pattern calls for three skeins (one in each colour) of either one of our new yarns, Estelle Alpaca Merino Chunky, or Estelle Chunky (a soft and washable wool/nylon blend). Both yarns are available in a huge rainbow of shades, sure to please even the most particular of colour lovers. Our Alpaca Merino Chunky can be found in twenty-four beautiful heathered shades, and our Estelle Chunky in forty bright and vibrant tones.


This scarf is knit lengthwise on circular needles, so should you feel comfortable substituting a thicker or thinner yarn, feel free! Just remember that you will want to adjust your needle size, and number of cast on stitches accordingly. Want something a little lighter? Why not go for our Estelle Alpaca Merino Worsted? Or perhaps you are thinking ‘thick and quick’? Then how about our Alpaca 33 on some hefty 10mm needles?

Should you think that you want a scarf that is thicker than the pattern allows for, simply pick up an extra skein in each colour, and keep knitting until you are almost out of yarn. Or maybe knit your scarf using four or five colours, instead of three! Whatever direction you decide to take with this scarf, just be sure to leave enough yarn for your cast off. It can be incredibly infuriating to run out mid-cast off, especially when such a large number of stitches are involved!

To view the full range of Estelle Alpaca Merino Chunky shades, click here. And for the Estelle Chunky shade card, click here. To find a local yarn store near you that stocks our yarns, please click here.

And finally, click here to download a copy of the pattern. Once you have cast on, please be sure to add your project to Ravelry! We would love to see the different colour variations you come up with. It is always so inspiring!

Happy scarf knitting everyone!