If you happen to be anything like us, your knitting likely follows you… EVERYWHERE. In the car, on the train, to the pub, to your sister’s, to the waiting room at the dentist… That’s the great thing about knitting- it’s just so portable!

Sometimes however, the projects that we want to knit, just are not as portable as we would like them to be. Tightly packed subways don’t often lend themselves too well to chunky afghans or over sized cardigans. And while this makes a great argument for ‘always having some socks on the needles’, sometimes you just need to knit whatever it is that’s calling to you. And every so often… that just so happens to be a chunky afghan, or the back of a men’s XXL cardigan.

While we can’t do much in the way of helping you out with the sheer bulk that goes along with knitting a huge throw for your couch, we can suggest a tool that may help you out just a little.

Chiaogoo’s Single Point Flexible needles are just the ticket to portable knitting! Much like circular needles, they pack up tightly into your knitting bag, allowing you to knit (and pack up your knitting!) while on the run, in a hurry, or without much room to spread out!


At the end of each cable is a fixed end cap, that ensures your knitting won’t slip off the end of your needle- no matter how many stitches you have packed on there.

And should you find yourself on a crowded subway wanting to knit, unlike straight needles, these ones won’t ‘whap’ the person sitting next to you with each stitch. While many new knitters struggle with knitting back and forth on circular needles for fear of accidentally joining their project into the round, these needles are a great way get comfortable with the concept.

Available in sizes ranging from 3.75 mm to 10 mm, each needle has a 20″, flexible cable attached, with a smooth, nickel-plated, copper join, making the transition from needle to cable effortless.


The needle size is permanently laser etched onto each needle, ensuring you will always be able to find each one’s mate (even if your needle stash looks anything like ours…)

So if you have spotted these needles at your local yarn store, and have been wondering what their purpose is- now you know! Don’t be scared of them- give them a go! And be sure to let us know what you think of them once you have.

To view these needles, and the full range of available sizes, please click here.

Happy knitting everyone!