As promised earlier this week, we are excited to announce the launch of a new yarn from Rico Yarns, unlike any other yarn you have ever seen before. Before making formal introductions however, we ask that you take a step back, and prepare yourself to think outside of the traditional definition of what hand knitting yarn means to you. This yarn is definitely not your conventional ‘run of the mill’ wooly wool or workhorse cotton! It is bright, it is poppy, and it is sure to make you crack a smile.

Available in twelve, eye-popping colours, this 100% synthetic yarn is perfect for accessorizing your home, and making your daily clean up routine just a little more enjoyable!

This yarn was developed with sponges and scrubbies in mind, and there are two entire patterns books to support this yarn- and that idea!

The first book titled ‘Funny’ contains patterns for scrubbies shaped like all of your favourite emojis. The second book is titled ‘Yummy’, with scrubbies shaped like donuts, watermelons, fried eggs, plus more!

While Rico is suggesting that perhaps the kitchen is the best place in the house for these sponges, there is no reason why you can’t use them in the tub also. Wherever you decide to use them, you are sure to get whatever it is you are scrubbing nice and clean. And not only that- you may have a good chuckle while you’re at it!


This yarn and these pattern books have been so popular in Europe, that a second order had to be placed at the mill. It sold out before it even had the chance to make it to Canada! An order of this fun yarn is expected to arrive in early April to our warehouse, so if you are a yarn store looking to liven up your shelves a little, please click here to place your order today!

And if you are a knitter/crocheter who is looking to get your hands on some of this yarn and these patterns, then click here to find a local yarn store near you! Be sure to give them a call though, just to be sure that they have some on order. And if they don’t- it can’t hurt to ask!

Happy crocheting everyone!