New Yarn Alert – Manos del Uruguay Cabrito

As we mentioned last week, this year marks fifty years in business for Manos del Uruguay and we couldn’t be happier to help celebrate this momentous occasion. At Estelle, we know the hard work that goes into running a business and so we also know that fifty years is no small milestone!

In celebration of fifty years producing phenomenal Fair Trade yarns, Manos del Uruguay has released an exciting anniversary colourway called Cincuenta. A bright mix of orange, purple and green, Cincuenta truly reflects the joy of this celebration.

Manos del Uruguay yarns never disappoint with their lush, vibrant colourways and deep colour saturation. The Cincuenta colourway is no exception! Bright and bold, this colour combination is definitely worthy of a celebration!

Cabrito – New from Manos

It really is no wonder Manos del Uruguay is celebrating fifty years in business! If you think the new Cincuenta colourway is amazing, just wait until you see the newest yarn for Fall 2018!

Ohhh Cabrito, you had us at halo! Cabrito is a gorgeous kid mohair that you will fall in love with the moment you get a skein in your hands. Supremely soft and as light as a cloud, Cabrito has an ethereal halo and a delicate glow.

Cabrito is a heavenly blend of 80% kid mohair and 20% nylon, resulting in a lightweight yet durable, breathable yarn. Warm in winter as it has insulating properties, yet cool in the summer due to its moisture wicking properties, Cabrito really is a winner all around!

Use Cabrito by itself for a gossamer light fabric, or pair it with a coordinating Manos del Uruguay yarn to add a soft halo and additional warmth. Cabrito is available in eleven show stopping colours, the hardest decision you will face will be which ones to choose?

Cabrito is available in 25-gram balls and packs an incredible 210 meters per ball, meaning one or two balls will make an exquisite cowl or shawl. We can only imagine how sensational a shrug or sweater would be in any of those breathtaking colours! Stop by your LYS today to have a peek at Cabrito and the new Cincuenta colourway, and get ready to have a new favourite yarn!

Remember, when you purchase Manos del Uruguay yarns you are supporting a local craftswoman in Uruguay and by extension, her family and community.

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