Knit the Knitterati Squares with Marsha – Block #8

Block #8 in the Cascade Knitterati Knit Along was released this past Wednesday and in keeping with the tradition of this knit along, it is another beauty. Cascade, you certainly have some talented designers on your team!

Judging by the pictures on Ravelry, many of you, like Marsha, had block #7 done and dusted a few short days after its release. Word on the street is that it was an addictive design with the pattern slowly emerging in every row, prompting knitters to do “just one more row” and thereby finishing in record time. Way to go knitters!

Block #7 incorporated a little bit of everything – faux cables, lace and nupps. Marsha was a bit tentative with the nupps initially but found her technique improved greatly with the help of the instructional video provided. The finished results were well worth the extra effort and care in fastidiously following the pattern.

Block #8 is sure to be another exercise in technique, something we absolutely love about this knit along. We can’t say it enough, learning new techniques with a small project is truly the way to go. Block #8 features outlined cables filled with smaller cables and intricate lace on a reverse stocking stitch background.

Right and left crossed stitches create a textured surface of delicate windows with an exquisitely dainty pattern inside. An excellent project for someone new to cables, just make sure you keep track of what row you’re on! For the seasoned cable knitter, this is a fun and intuitive pattern to follow.

We don’t think there could be a better yarn for cables and texture than Cascade 220 Superwash Merino. The tight twist equals stitch definition at its best. And blocking, did we mention just how easy Cascade 220 Superwash Merino is to block? Don’t bother soaking it first, simply pin it to size, thoroughly spritz it and then let it dry. No muss no fuss!

It’s still not too late to join in on the Cascade Knitterati Knit Along. Sign up here to receive the patterns via email every three weeks. All that’s left for you to do now is take a trip to your LYS and pick up some 220 Superwash Merino, or better yet, they may even have a kit ready to go for you. Many shops are even hosting a knit along for the Knitterati KAL, check with your LYS.

Keep sending us pictures of your WIP’s and finished blocks to, we love seeing your progress!

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